Promise hospitals are long-term acute care (LTAC) hospitals that focus on treating critically ill and/or high acuity patients.

What Type of Care Does Promise Hospital Provide?

Promise Hospital Baton Rouge is a long-term acute care (LTAC) hospital that provides care to patients who:

  • are critically ill
  • require hospitalization for an extended length of time
  • require aggressive clinical and therapeutic intervention on a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week basis.

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We differ from other care settings in that we focus on treating critically ill and/or high acuity patients in a comprehensive way, utilizing specialized treatment programs geared to treat patients with multiple medical complexities. These programs are not generally available or appropriate for other care settings, such as traditional (short-term acute care) hospitals or sub-acute facilities.

Promise patients are typically admitted because they are:

  • ventilator dependent (require weaning)
  • suffering from debilitating complex wounds
  • experiencing multi-organ failure
  • recuperating from spinal cord and/or severe head injury
  • in need of IV antibiotics to treat infectious diseases
  • experiencing post-surgical complications

Our patients require intensive treatment, daily on-site physician assessments and an individualized approach to recovery.

We Focus on Patient Outcomes…

At Promise, we focus on achieving excellent patient outcomes by taking an interdisciplinary team approach to care. Our team includes an attending physician, nurses, respiratory therapists, wound care specialists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, physical therapists, a pharmacist and dietitian. All of these health care professionals work together and play an active role in each patient’s treatment and recovery.

Upon admission, our interdisciplinary team meets to discuss each patient’s medical conditions, create a specific treatment plan and set recovery goals. The team then meets weekly to chart each patient’s progress and ensure that the patient is well on their way to achieving the best possible outcome.