Promise Healthcare Compliance and Ethics Program

At Promise Healthcare we are committed to providing the highest quality of care to our patients, a high quality workplace for physicians to practice medicine, and our staff to work. At the same time, we are equally committed to complying with the laws, rules, and regulations that govern our business and earning and maintaining the trust and confidence of our regulators and our patrons. In furtherance of these commitments, we have established our compliance and ethics program. The purpose of our compliance and ethics program is to deter, detect, and prevent any potential fraud, abuse, and unethical or improper conduct.

Our compliance and ethics program has been structured to be consistent with the United States Office of Inspector General’s compliance program guidance as well as the elements of an effective compliance and ethics program. To read more about our compliance and ethics program please click on the links below.

Code of conduct
Compliance hotline

If you have a question about our compliance and ethics program, please feel free to contact the compliance team during normal business hours (9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST) @ (800) 485-0885.